Technology Literacy Connects us to the World

How do you use Technology to connect to the world?

Clarify world - anyone other than the person sharing information.

The Academic Portfolio is a way to share with other's what students have accomplished during each academic year. Cimarron Springs 8th graders use a PowerPoint with hyperlinks to their work as a portfolio. They could only share their work when they were on the intranet. We are now trying to use Google sites as our academic portfolio.

Change of Plan after attending ISTE 2010 for a couple of days and I think we should use all the great resources from all of our sessions. Here are my top 2 links: * Effective Learning Tools from Media Specialist Forum * Resources from the Tech Chicks

This is one of my favorite links but I heard Melodie was presenting so I have to share her site.

**Melodie Brewer Resources**

Add other websites or resources you use. You may also click on the link and add how you use those websites to connect to the world. updated information on Etherpad - - g-mail, sites, apps